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Chris and Charity Godfrey

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In 2008 I worked at a bank and I found out that the bank was closing our whole group – about 650 of us. We were told our last day was December 1, 2008. It was sometime in the fall and I had been looking on the Internet for some legit opportunities like many people. First of all, this is probably not the best thing to do. I’d recommend actually calling and meeting people, working via a referral or someone you know, etc. There are good things out there but ask someone who has had success – that you know and trust.

I had come across the Godfreys’s websites a few times and it caught my attention. The plan they described some cashflow – not necessarily get rich quick – but the chance to earn money with less effort. I called and spoke with them a few times. Chris Godfrey is so good on the phone. He either is genuine or can really fake it. I believed that he could really help me and that he really cared.

Often he told me about specific examples of other people that did well with him. “Jim, the other day this guy signed up with us and….” or “I just spoke to a single mother and I really want to help her out of her rut……” Good stories that I wanted to believe and grasp on to..  before I go further, I want to say that I’m accountable for what I do, I let myself be a victim, and I take full responsibility. I also don’t feel they are ‘evil’ people. Maybe they really do care, maybe they do help others earn money. That didn’t happen with me.

Anyhow, after multiple calls over weeks, and knowing that I was losing my job, I took the chance and called them to sign up. First, I wanted to sign up at a lower level with a program they were involved in called Emerald. It was the best thing ever, according to Chris. Chris and Charity promised help, support, etc. So they convinced me to spend more money for a higher level. I took the bait. I spent thousands of dollars with them, got website, and then went to try and find others – very similar to a MLM system.

They did send me leads – I called them and typically they never called back or showed any interest. Chris always promised that I could do a three way call so that he could do the talking to the client and get them on board for me. I tried this many times but it was frustrating because Chris wouldn’t be available so it was tough to schedule a call with a prospect and Chris. I spent weeks mailing, calling, emailing – trying to get someone into the Emerald system.

Then I got a call/email from the Godfreys that the Emerald system was somehow suddenly ‘bad’ and they weren’t going to be involved any more. Too bad about the money I spent but that was it. But guess what, they found a better system.

Even though I still hadn’t received the ‘free trip’ I was supposed to get from the Emerald Passport program, I signed up with the new program – Profit masters, aka Automatic Cash Machine, and again I was supposed to get a free vacation somewhere. To this day I never received any certificates or docs on this despite asking Charity about it multiple times. (I still have all of my emails with the Godfreys.)

I again took the bait, spent less money, but still a few thousand. They again promised help, support, etc. I again tried to get Chris on calls to ‘sell’ the prospect and build some cashflow. I was getting frustrated, worried, I felt a bad feeling in my gut that I blew money my family needed. I also found that I had no enthusiasm trying to ‘sign up’ someone to the program because I didn’t believe in it, we really weren’t selling anything of value, and it was basically a pyramid scheme.

I called Chris one day from my car phone while driving. I remember it very clear. I expressed my concern that things weren’t working, I was frustrated, etc. As he did many times before, he began to relate a story of a seemingly real person that worked with the Godfreys and was changing his life. The story started out about a guy about my age, with kids also, and Chris went on….then he started to say that the guy was a banker, had 2 girls, etc. etc. Chris Godfrey was telling me a success story about me, even though I had not ‘sold’ a deal yet.

I felt very sick. He was trying to convince me to stay on board and keep chugging using a fictional story about me – but he hadn’t realized it. I later brought it up in an email and on the phone to Charity. She gave me some explanation and danced around it. I suddenly woke up to what I did, I looked for the easiest way to earn a buck and I lost my shirt.

I’m a smart guy with a college degree, MBA, and I’ve done some good things in my career. I’ve been successful. I was, and still am, embarrassed by how I got myself into this situation and how I lost my own money. For a few weeks I half-heartedly tried to still get one deal to get my investment back but my spirit wasn’t in it.

Since then, I’ve sent notes to the Better Business Bureau, local chambers and other groups. Just last month I received a letter from the IRS; they have an open investigation of some kind on the Godfreys and they are looking for some info about their income streams, I’m told.

Again, maybe there are success stories. Maybe the Godfreys are helping dozens of people. I’ve never heard of one. In my opinion they took advantage of me when I was vulnerable, when I was grasping for help. I let myself get into this position.

I hear that they are onto at least one new program, TVI Express. In my opinion, just like all of the above, it is a pyramid-scheme-like program. Note that I’m saying all of the above blog and I believe it to be true in my opinion, allegedly. I can only prove parts of it via my emails, canceled checks, etc.

In my opinion, don’t do it. Do a search on Google or something and read about all of the scams. Contact me, I’d be glad to tell you more if you want. I wish you the best.